Monday, 9 April 2012

Poem 9: Santicroy

Brimsbrow leeve
Tetchnat brare
Clampest veau
Falching skrare

Falmbecam sut
Benchnar flos
Getgraur slembowed
Kempvan ros

Chewdow slempfit
Sackard blore
Tumbed dempfard
Semblo quaw

Tileding rotfort
Yeckfed troye
Beltoy heldrin


000 april said...

Edwin, you've got me beat here.
I turned the words inside out, upside down and back to front: no luck.

Songsville said...

Sorry, just a made-up language ... did you crack the syllable count on 'Easy As ..' ? The title is the clue ;-)

000 april said...

assuming it is not pie, or even threeandoneseventh, I went for 1-2-3, but the inbetween bits weren't answering.
I am challenging you to a Ghazal.
No peeking though.
And I need a new form for today and tomorrow.

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