Saturday, 28 April 2012

Poem 28: Murder in the Garden

A lady who's from Pasadena
Wanted her thumb to be greener
If she wasn't allergic to alliums
Or jinxed by geraniums
Then maybe she would've been keener

She simply found gardening a chore
Hated all types of hellebore
Among roses she dozes
Peonies she opposes
While fuschias just make her snore

She took an instant dislike to wisteria
And was scared of compost's bacteria
She found primulas prim
And gerberas grim
While hyacinths gave her hysteria

While she was out in the garden
Her attitudes began to harden
She was hostile to a hosta
Killed a clematis who crossed her
Now she's on death row with no pardon


Anonymous said...

Edwin, I love this! I'm a gardener myself, and really enjoyed all the alliteration and word play with flower names. I especially like the idea of being hostile to a hosta. I would never harm one, but I don't like them.

aprille said...

Dr. Fuchs would not be happy at your mangling his offspring :-)

I can identify with the feeling in many instances, especially the hardening against those plants that will not toe the line.
BTW, here for never mind the quality, feel the width :-)

heavy hedonist said...

death row-- garden-- hy-larious!

this is really clever stuff, and subversive in an odd way... the woman who is an anti-Martha Stewart sort, revealed at the last. and condemned for it.

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