Sunday, 22 April 2012

Poem 21: Density

Ruffle stuffle
The winchat rummages
Keenly deployed among the
Stonechat rubble

With crimbling cloys
The kastrulating claws
Snivel and slobber
With bakingly clobber

Wild! Get shot of this
Your preening displays
Are nothing obsidian
Faintly darwinian

Finchly and cru
Darkly through glass
Waltzing acutely
Pomade remade

In crept an inkling
True yet devoid of perception
Blessed are the noctorous
Shapely are the wibloe

Just off Cape Askance
Pewter skies and roiling seas
Distant headland ignores our pleas
Forging on without a backwards glance

Off the edge of flatworld
Into the uncharts
Precipitous heartmouthing
The final plunge to density


heavy hedonist said...

Like Carroll's ode to Titanic (the movie, not the ship).


aprille said...

That's the second time this week I have had to look up obsidian: Obsius is beginning to annoy me now.
Lovely jingle jangle words for the back-to-front assignment.

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