Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Poem 19: liquorice hurricane

generations of sparkle melody
boomerang my fresian entity
rapslideling out of an enormous hunger
abseiling tumultuous wonder

evershard mung-ruth
fiercely winsome-toothed
against the platitudes of insead time
flushed with triumphant failure

floundering and twitching
in a cementitious porridge
cracked breeze block pepper
corny like a cob pipe

the flow has transformed her
from delicant to wishbore
garments flapping wildly
in the liquorice hurricane


heavy hedonist said...

this is one hell of a rabbit stew of furiously beautiful-sounding words you've created. it's a spicy pot! love the title too, and triumphant failure-- wow. amazing.

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